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As anyone who has lived through a fire knows, it is one of the greatest and most common fear incidents of mankind. Fire’s fastest movements can traumatize people far earlier than ever before, so it is important to learn some basic information about fire damage. 

What is Fire Damage? 

There are many ways in which fire damages people, animals, houses, and properties, whether it results from black soot or the complete destruction of a house. 

The Complexity of Fire Damage

It is common for people to underestimate the damage a fire can cause in severe cases or most cases. When the flames die down, we feel relieved. However, when we put out the fire, we begin causing damage to the property. Flames also cause extensive smoke/soot damage, which remains after the fire is out, weakening building structures and burning property. After a fire is extinguished, flames emit a suffocating odor. Additionally, appliances, pipelines, and electronics contain soot, a lingering and expansive chemical. There is also visible damage caused by fire, such as discoloration and staining, as well as corrosion of flooring and brittleness of structures. Even structures that are not totally destroyed by fire have visible damage, including rust and corrosion. 

Typically, people overlook the fact that fire damage welcomes water damage when it is used to put out fires. Water damages house structures, electric appliances, and furniture. When you leave water on your house structures for an extended period of time, especially on internal cracks, mold is more likely to grow. 


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Causes and Impacts of Fire Damage

Numerous factors can cause fires, including reckless behavior and faulty electrical lines.

The combination of water and electricity is bad. Water comes into contact with electrical wires and circuits through wall cracks. It corrodes wires and damages electric channels, which later results in fires.

It is estimated that fires cause property damages exceeding $25.5 billion annually. Understandably, fire damage has become a huge economic concern, especially for those who are economically disadvantaged.

Fire can also cause the following damages:

  • Debris that needs to be cleaned in excess
  • Accidents and injuries caused by falling structures in buildings
  • A burn or a physical injury
  • Serious cases can lead to death

Common Do’s for Managing and Preventing Fire

Commons Don’ts for Fire Damage and Prevention

How Kennedy Water Damage Restoration Offers

Effective Management of Fire Damage?

We have experts who know how to deal with different levels of fire damage. They inspect the damage, find out how the fire started, and devise a restoration and management strategy. Depending on the fire source and extent of the damage, we determine how to proceed. 

We are specialized in managing fire damage caused by water seepage on electric lines with our equipment and resources. In addition, Kennedy Water Damage Restoration offers management services for fires caused by other causes such as faulty gadgets and accidents caused by open flames. As well as protecting affected homes, we use safety guidelines when working in fire-damaged environments. Furthermore, our methods are compliant with industry standards. Using industry-certified policies, our employees address and solve fire damage. 

Call us if you see fire damage to your house or someone else’s property. You’re our number one priority. We provide round-the-clock service to meet your needs.