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Mold can grow in any building that has been damaged by water or has an excessive amount of moisture within it. When there is an ideal condition for mold growth or when molds are already present in your house, you will get a musty odor or you may see greenish, blackish, brown, or orange stains all over the walls. It is important that you consult with us, the most trustworthy mold removal experts in San Jose, CA, if you notice any of these signs of mold damage.

It has been proven that mold can cause a variety of allergic and infectious health problems for its occupants, as well as a significant depreciation of the property’s value and aesthetic appeal. As a result, mold removal is imperative, as the ugly stains can negatively impact the property’s aesthetic appeal. Thus, when the potential buyer sees visible signs of mold, such as peeling of walls, he or she will be more willing to pay a lower price because the renovation work will require a large amount of money. However, with our expert and experienced team, we can offer you a complete range of services at a nominal mold removal cost.

We also test for indoor air quality and inspect mold conditions as part of our mold remediation and mold cleaning services.

Types of Mold We Can Remove

There are a variety of mold types. However, we can categorize molds into three bold categories: pathogenic, allergenic, and toxic.

It can be alarming for building occupants to have pathogenic mold in their building. In addition to damaging the nervous system, allergenic molds can cause a wide range of allergic problems, such as congestion, running nose, itching in the eyes, etc. As a result, toxic molds also attack the immune system heavily.

What is Mold Inspection?

In a mold inspection, harmful molds are identified in a building. Our company is IICRC-certified and we use EPA guidelines and tools for mold inspection. All of our staff members are trained and experienced in identifying mold attacks.

Also, during the mold inspection process, questions are asked about issues such as frequent water leaks or allergic reactions.

In order to avoid structural problems and decays, mold inspections should typically be performed inside a building, the walls, and many other areas.

What is Our Mold Removal Service?

As part of mold removal services, mold is removed from a building. Mold spores in the air seek shelter in areas in which there is water damage or excessive moisture. However, mold removal cannot help you completely eliminate mold problems. Detecting and removing the cause of mold growth is the key to ensuring a complete cure for the problem.

How do We Render Mold Removal Services?

As per EPA guidelines, we follow a step-by-step process to remove or clean mold from your property. However, we recommend that property owners take measures to control moisture so that additional risks of mold development are reduced. We will, however, use permitted detergents and cleaning agents to scrub off mold if it occurs in your building. Aside from plumbing issues, roof leaks, appliance leaks, and other causes of water damage, we also dry the space. We are especially concerned with porous elements in your home. For example, carpets and ceiling tiles are very susceptible to absorbing moisture and harboring mold.

The safety of our team members and the occupants of the building is paramount while we are removing mold from a building. Aside from offering repair, restoration, and conservation services, we are also a one-stop solution company. In addition to water damage restoration and carpet restoration, our affiliate programs include storm damage restoration, fire damage restoration, etc. We are a professional organization that has the infrastructure to provide black mold removal, as well as other mold removal services.

Why Is Professional Mold Removal Essential?

Many people imagine that a black moldy stain on a wall is a trivial problem that can be overlooked. However, what many people do not realize is that the stain is actually an active mold growth that can, and should, be addressed immediately.

As a matter of fact, wall stains may indicate the problem has progressed, which definitely requires expert assistance. In addition to eliminating mold growth to a certain extent, DIY mold removal strategies can also lead to mold problems recurrence several days after they are applied. Therefore, a professional mold removal is necessary in order to keep your house mold-free for longer periods.

Furthermore, mold on your property or house reduces your house’s resale value. When you sell your house, the mold appears on the inspection report. A professional mold removal service is therefore a great way to get a high inspection score and boost your home’s resale value.

Range of Mold Removal Services Offered by Us

Attic Mold Removal

It is known that the attic is one of the most common areas of a house where mold can grow. With its hot and humid interior coupled with the wood sheathing, the attic has everything mold needs to thrive and multiply. As a result, the attic is not lived in, so it stays stagnant and encourages mold growth. In order to plan the removal procedure, our team examines every corner of the attic carefully and examines the source of humidity in the area. Using the findings, our team demonstrates well-planned steps.

Bathroom Mold Removal

Almost every part of the bathroom is susceptible to fungal or mold growth due to its constant exposure to water. From the sink to the shower, mold can grow everywhere. Also, since the bathroom is a highly exposed area to water, mold can be difficult to eliminate. Considering this difficulty, we offer well-planned mold removal in the bathroom. We inspect the area and apply updated and certified removal strategies, ensuring a mold-free bathroom within a reasonable timeframe.

Drywall Mold Removal

Often times, mold on drywall can be found in the form of black dots or discolored patches. Although mold can start as a small spot, it can spread to deeper layers of the drywall. With time, mold growth on drywall can cause the affected structure to creak or fall. A specialist water damage restoration company such as Kennedy Water Damage Restoration devises drywall mold removal methods after studying mold patches or dots. By using tools and chemicals, we make the drywall unfavorable to mold growth.

Carpet Mold Removal

There is no doubt that mold on your carpet is harmful to your health and home. It is obvious that most people do not pay close attention to the carpet at regular intervals. Furthermore, you can spread the mold unknowingly when cleaning and dusting. The severity of mold infestation in carpets is best demonstrated by your ability to collect mold or its spores on your feet and spread them in other corners of your house unaffected by mold. Based on the condition of your carpets and the potential spread of mold elsewhere in your house, we optimize the removal process. If your carpets can't be salvaged, we recommend replacing them.

House Mold Removal

Mold growth is more likely to occur in the bathroom if the humidity level in the air is high. If you live in an area prone to rainfall, the balcony can receive healthy amounts of moisture suitable for mold growth. Mold is less likely to affect a study room or bedroom. If there are leaks or cracks in the ceiling or walls, mold can also accumulate anywhere in the house if there are leaks or cracks in the ceiling. Mold grows and spreads from moist zones to dry ones and starts mold growth. We plan mold removal differently according to the conditions in different areas of your house, which allows us to give you customized mold removal.

Mold Removal on Wood

It might seem odd for wood to favor mold, but certain kinds of wood have porous surfaces, which certainly welcome mold. Additionally, wood accumulates moisture quite well as it gets brittle and old. Wood furniture that is exposed to rain and kept in an open space is known to develop mold patches. Aside from that, wooden floors and walls can also accumulate mold. Mold in such places can pose a tricky problem for any home owner. Kennedy Water Damage Restoration creates a well-crafted wall mold removal strategy to deal with this problem. We use chemicals and tools to remove mold without damaging the wooden structure.

ERMI and Mycotoxin Cleaning

It is part of our service that we use examination methods that are based on a scientific framework for identifying whether mold has invaded your house in particular or your property as a whole. Our service involves the use of ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index), a DNA-based test that allows us to assess the mold level in a given area. As an added advantage of ERMI, it is able to identify the mold variety. The Mycotoxin test has been designed to take the efficacy of ERMI one step further by measuring whether mycotoxins are present, or whether any mycotoxins are being produced by the mold. It is important to perform these tests to give us the specifications we need to employ different methods of removing mold, depending on the type of mold.

Wall Mold Removal

Mold can thrive in damp walls or walls that are old. Furthermore, cracks and leaks in dry walls can also allow moisture to accumulate.

There are challenging aspects of mold growth in walls, regardless of the cause. If unaddressed, mold can damage internal wall structures. It also damages insulation properties and wall coatings.

When conducting a wall mold removal procedure, we assess the patch of mold that is on that wall and then select the right cleaning tools and chemicals. It is important to note that we strategize our process when the wall is heavily infected by mold and ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned without damaging the structure of the wall.


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What is Our Mold Remediation Service?

As opposed to mold testing, mold remediation consists of removing mold, constructing a new structure, destroying it, disinfecting and cleaning it, containing it, and then cleaning it entirely.

In order to restore your building to a safe level of mold growth, we conduct remediation services based on mold type and growth location.

How We Render Mold Remediation Services

A comprehensive mold remediation strategy is followed by Kennedy Water Damage Restoration. It is not possible to effectively eliminate mold when you scrub with chemicals on mold-affected surfaces. We employ science-based remediation strategies to remove mold from these surfaces.

Furthermore, while performing remediation services, our professionals have decades of experience to identify potential sources of mold and to explore innovative mold removal methods. Throughout the process, we provide a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simply removing mold patches. Mold damages structures and gives an unpleasant smell. Besides killing mold, we also offer odor removal services. We use the latest technology to ensure mold is removed without causing damage to the house. We offer mold remediation services in a variety of areas including residential and commercial. At the end of the procedure, we test the presence of mold and its by-products, such as toxins, to determine the efficacy of the process.

Why Choose Us as the BEST

Mold Removal Company in San Jose?

We provide quality mold removal services in the San Jose area. We have many features that make us a favorite among clients with mold problems at home, office, and industrial facilities.

The fact that we serve San Jose residents reminds us to talk about the weather perspective we take. When planning mold-killing steps, our team keeps local weather in mind. In order to provide you with a high level of specificity, our team examines the local weather conditions in order to better understand how humidity contributed to mold growth.

One of our many ways to integrate comprehensiveness and quality is by checking the weather. Our examination involves a lot of detail to determine the root cause of mold infestation, including pipe leaks, cracks in walls, and other signs that encourage mold growth. This helps with the remediation process as well as in offering and perfecting our preventative consultations and services.