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Storm Damage Restoration

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What is Storm Damage?

You can experience hail storms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Each variety causes significant damage to your home. 

You can experience endless harm after a storm, from roof damage to distorted electric systems. Some storm damage is so extensive and severe that it is nothing short of a nightmare.

The foundation of your house can also be severely weakened by storms. Ice storms can freeze your pipelines, which later can burst, causing leaks in your roof and walls. Even after these storms subside, mold can start growing in your house as a result of flooding.

As well as uprooting trees in storms with high winds, falling trees on houses or overpowering the electric and water lines can cause extensive damage. Affected areas may be without basic amenities like electricity for days.


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The Severity of Storm Damage

There is no doubt about the severity of storm damage, but to what extent. The severity may vary based on the type of storm. Tornadoes exceeding 86 mph are known to detach trailers from their foundations.

Occasionally, a severe storm can cause the roof to become completely damaged. The roof may be broken, fall off, or fly away. If the roof becomes damaged, then the interior of the house is vulnerable to damage from high-speed winds and storms.

Lighting from thunderstorms can negatively impact household appliances, even if it occurs away from your home. Lightning strikes in a nearby area can cause your home’s electrical system to malfunction.

What Can You Expect After Storm Damage?

It is understandable that storms can cause emotional trauma and overwhelm. Therefore, people may return to areas of storm damage to search for belonging. However, it is important to note that any affected area places you at great health risk. There may be broken glasses or exposed roof nails in the aftermath of a storm, which may weaken even the strongest house structure. These broken or damaged objects can fall from the roof and cause accidents and injuries.

Moreover, you may encounter fallen trees as well as disrupted electric lines in storm areas. Another fact to keep in mind is that if your water lines are damaged, you will also also have electric lines to consider.

It is therefore important to contact professionals like Kennedy Water Damage Restoration, who are well equipped and outfitted with protective equipment and clothing as they visit storm-affected locations. In addition to protecting us from getting injured and accidents, this also allows us to better assess the affected areas. We are able to determine the extent to which people require recovery services by examining the area.

How We Help People After a Storm?

As storms cause extensive damage, we offer storm damage restoration as an emergency service. With extensive experience, comprehensive resources, and responsive technology, we remain alert and respond quickly to storm damage restoration calls. It is important to note that our professionals have a lot of experience in resolving damage from major events such as storms, as well as upgrading our emergency resources and tools.

We analyze the extent of storm damage to buildings, properties, and surroundings during our restoration process. Based on our analysis, our restoration team makes every effort to return damaged areas to their pre-storm condition. Our comprehensive storm damage recovery service also adheres to government standards.